Mocetta e Lardo della Valsesia: mouthwatering delicacies of the Piemonte Tradition

The rich piedmontese cuisine evolved across a varied and vast territory that stretches from the Alps to the plain, offering different local produce and resulting in an array of recipes and culinary traditions that are unique and distinctive: the true flavours of our Land.

Our Piedmontese specialities are produced with high quality raw materials and following attentively the recipes of our tradition, such as Mocetta della Valsesia and Lardo della Valsesia, two of the proudest products of the Franchi’s family.

Mocetta della Valsesia

A unique product, made with beef joist, spiced with mountain herbs and then aged in our cellars at controlled humidity and temperature, Mocetta della Valsesia is unique for its aromatic flavours and intense scent.

Thanks to its low fat content – only 2.5% is ideal for those on a a low-fat diet, ; being also gluten free, is great for celiacs and gluten intolerant. Proof of its slow ageing, Mocetta should curl on the blade when thinly sliced.

Mocetta Franchi

Lardo della Valsesia

A piedmontese speciality and a Franchi historic product, with a characteristic rectangular shape, is spiced and salted in accordance with the Valsesia method.

The cherished fat sections are milky-white fat while the leaner parts vary in colour from pink to red depending on the muscular anatomy. The scent is really delicate: the sweet note in the flavour sets off the spices and herbs used in the curing done according to Franchi’s traditional recipe.

Il Lardo della Valsesia Franchi

Our artisanal cured meats come from an ancient Piedmontese tradition and from recipes treasured by the Franchi family; authentic and wholesome like us, who have been making them with passion since 1924, as it used to be.