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Traditional Italian Cured Meats since 1924

Since 1924 Franchi produces a wide range of traditional cured meats, committed to treasure and promote the craft of curing high quality meats.

The artisanal process, carried out by master salumieri, the careful selection of the meats and spices, the use of only natural casing, the mastery of the hand-tying and the secrets for a good slow cooking and ageing make our Salumi Franchi truly unique.
Salumi Franchi: authentic and artisanal, like us, who have been crafting them with passion since 1924.

Specialities Piemonte Valsesia

Tasty specialities of the traditional Salmueria Italiana, made with the best quality raw materials and according to the recipes typical of our Land.

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The careful selection of the meats and the respectful attention to the traditional methods are the guiding principles of all our salame

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Cooked hams of the highest quality attained from highly selected pork thighs, ideal for those who seek an excellent taste.

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From carefully selected PDO pork thighs we create authentic masterpieces

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Our Mortadella, a quintessential Italian product, will sweep you away with its irresistible taste and unique aroma. We offer it in two versions, with and without pistachio nuts.

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Coppata, steccata, (pressed) or tesa (stretched): in all its shapes and forms, our pancetta will embrace you in its delicate aroma and distinctive taste

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Ready-sliced products packed in stay-fresh containers that preserve all the flavours and quality of freshly sliced meats

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Our quality is certified

IT 440 L CE
BRCGS Food Safety Certificated
IFS Food