Franchi’s art of charcuterie

Franchi’s art of charcuterie

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Our recipes come from the artisanal tradition of Piedmont

Where the Italian art of curing and ageing meats has created some true excellence, we have re-created typical regional meats,
always genuine and of the highest quality – indispensable principles of out firm since 1924.

These time-old recipes become superior cured meats such as the Lardo and Mocetta from Valsesia, Salame Piemonte,
the Ambrogino Cacciatore PDO and many more typical produce from our land in Valsesia.
However our expertise has also enabled us to re-create the flavours of other Italian regions.
Not only the classics of Salumeria Italiana, but also new version of typical products, like the Salsiccia Napoli Forte and
the Franchi Salame Napoli, recognized as one of the finest of its kind.


At Franchi, the artisanship of our products has never been lost, nor has industrialization altered our production process. We intervene primarily by improving the flow of materials and goods with shorter bagging and tying times. But the process never changes; it’s always artisanal.
We call ourselves “mass-producing artisans,” a number of small artisans working together, just like in the past.

  • salame barolo
  • salame tartufo

To make our products of excellence we don’t use formulas, we use methods.

The correct length of the ageing process is evaluated through regular checks, to achieve the perfect curing in a germ-free environment. The hand tying of the salami, properly sterilizing of the packaging, and the constant quality control from a panel of connoisseurs are all contributing factors to Franchi’s top quality and taste.