Looking ahead of us

Looking ahead of us

The future of Franchi lies in its DNA

Since nearly a century we are keeping alive through innovation the tradition without losing the simple, honest touch of the mountain people of Valselsa.

People eating habits are constantly changing, so the food industry has to evolve too. Franchi know how to look and plan ahead, predicting and adapting to such changes without losing sights of the teaching and expertise of our tradition.

Casa Franchi

In our home you breathe the passion that drives our family business, the shared commitment and love that is Franchi’s true added value.

Ambitious goals, knowing that the drive to move forward comes from within ourselves and our tradition.

If that wasn’t the case, Franchi wouldn’t have evolved, from a small salumeria to a prestigious business competing at national level.
The craft of curing meats has always been a family practice, passed on from one generation to another, yet always looking out for future innovations. It is this the coexistence between the old and the new, between tradition and innovation that has enabled us to reach the excellence that we are known for, and move forward keeping an eye on our roots.