For mothers and children

For mothers and children

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Our cured meats are great for mothers, children but not only…!

Eating habits are constantly developing and changing. Nowadays, we appreciate more information and we pay more attention to what we buy.

Following a good eating regimen is important, particularly for expecting mothers and small children, but also for those who are intolerant to certain foods.
It is precisely because of these health and wellbeing requirements that Franchi, who saw the Borgosesia delicatessen pioneer a true ‘food revolution’ back in the 1990s, continues to bring goodness and safety to your tables.

The FRANCHI product line is THE BEST CHOICE.
They are good, simple and genuine, ideal for mothers and children and for those looking for quality and safety, without sacrificing taste.
This new Franchi products have been the first in Italy to be awarded the title “Spiga Barrata”, bestowed by the Italian Celiac Association. A reward the proves our competence and desire to cater for a wider audience.
Less ingredients equals more healthy.