Certified quality

Certified quality

Franchi: quality above all else

When, day in day out, you turn thousand of kilos of selected pork into exceptional cured meat, you need to be more than just good:
you need organization and diligent checks to deliver your customer the quality and food safety they deserve.
First rate meat, thanks to also research and innovation, become the products of our proud Salumeria of Piedmont,
still gracing tables now as they did in past times, still pleasing our customers while caring for their health and the environment.
The cured meats we produce are subjected to rigorous quality control.
We only add the salt and spices needed to preserve the meats and their aroma.
In this way, taste and flavour are improved and enhanced.

Cured meats that are tasty and allergens-free!

Gluten free

Our products are gluten-free and also suitable for people who are intolerant or celiac.

Without milk and

Our products are free of milk and milk derivatives so are suitable for those who are lactose intolerant.

GMO free

All our products are free of GMOs and GMO-derivedingredients.

With no added sugar

All our hams are cooked without added sugar.

Without added glutamates

All our products are without added glutamates and only contain few and simple ingredients.

Without added polyphosphates

All our products are free of added polyphosphates, for more natural, wholesome products.

Products of excellence

Ambrogino cacciatore PDO

A salame produced exclusively with Italian pork according to the PDO specification for authentic Salame Italiano alla Cacciatora.

Piedmont IPG salami

A typical Piedmontese salame, produced only with Piedmontese meats and according to the IGP specification.

Our quality is certified

IT 440 L CE
BRCGS Food Safety Certificated
IFS Food